Other than competitor’s softswitch concepts, the CPU consuming transcoding is done by highly integrated DSP hardware built in. This measure increases the amount of channels as well as cps ratio by factor 3-4, compared to pure Host CPU based softswitches. Further more, cpu- intense tasks like videocoding, conferencing as well as RTP encryption (SRTP) can be outsourced to the DSP hardware. Our concept of virtualization is based upon a number of system requirements:

High availability:
By means of redundant design of the softswitch- cores a high degree of reliability can be achieved on the servers.
Despite a potentially good implementation, some softswitch cores tend to not scaling well. In order to improve this behaviour, virtualization can be a key factor.
Since many different open source softswitch projects have emerged over the past, we are able to offer virtually any type of softswitch installation.
Remote maintenance in a virtualized environment is much simplified.