All this?

Yes, Asterisk and else can be programmed to fulfill random application based telephony tasks like IVR, call generation, call transfer, transcoding, media relay. Most Voice and Video Applications one may think of are supported.

G.711, GSM, G.729 as well as many other codecs like H.264 Video come with the softswitch at no extra license fee.
Applications that are known to run on actual Installations comprehend among many more:

  • Televoting
  • Alarming
  • Centrex PBX switching platform
  • SS7 interconnect with other telcos
  • ENUM VoIP routing

Read more use cases here

better every day

From audiotex services to full centrex solutions, the ongoing open source softswitch developments support every facette of today’s requirements by the ever expanding telco service portfolio. New features are requested ? Every new release brings in a bouquet of cutting edge features. Since our softswitch is Open Source, Carrier Connect is happy to modify the Software to any extent the gamer customer requests.

current Asterisk Features
current Yate Features
current Freeswitch Features

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