Carrier / Alternative Carrier

Market Segments:

  • ILECs / CLECs
  • Cable Network Providers
  • MAN Providers
  • VoIP Providers
  • Cellular Providers

Software replaces Hardware:

As traditional, dedicated TelCo Hardware like ss7 gateways, telephony switches and audio servers become out of vogue, the functionality of such network elements today can be integrated in  a single TREX system.

Of course TREX meets all requirements of a Telco Grade Installation: High channel density and SS7 signalling.

Regular updates are oriented by the ongoing development of the open source community.

Example Scenario:

more details


Other than competitor’s softswitch concepts, the CPU consuming transcoding is done by highly integrated DSP hardware built in. This measure increases the amount of channels as well as cps ratio by factor 3-4, compared to pure Host CPU based softswitches. Further more, cpu- intense tasks like videocoding, conferencing as well as RTP encryption (SRTP) can be outsourced to the DSP hardware. Our concept of virtualization is based upon a number of system requirements:

High availability:
By means of redundant design of the softswitch- cores a high degree of reliability can be achieved on the servers.
Despite a potentially good implementation, some softswitch cores tend to not scaling well. In order to improve this behaviour, virtualization can be a key factor.
Since many different open source softswitch projects have emerged over the past, we are able to offer virtually any type of softswitch installation.
Remote maintenance in a virtualized environment is much simplified.

last of all – figures

Hardware Software
  • Intel based Pyramid Softswitch Server
  • 1-3U height
  • DSP Accelerator Card
  • up to 6000 channels, independent of the codec
  • SS7 / SIP-I support
  • Latest Asterisk, Trixbox, Yate installation
  • Kamailio SIP Router built in
  • Full load distribution
  • G.711, G.729, H.264 as well as many more codecs
  • Carrier Connect’s proprietary SS7 Suite, extendable

We Mean Telecom

Our declared goal is to introduce refined, blended Open Source softswitch solutions into the telco market. As open source projects like Asterisk, Trixbox and Yate have become mature over the past decade and CPU power of standard Intel based servers almost doubles every year, now it’s the right time to have a look at cost effective, standard based telco size solutions for your demands. These often exceed the power and flexibility of the sometimes over – engineerd yet feature lacking products of leading vendors.

Carrier connect works with the latest networking solutions, providing the connectin to the customer wanting internet service and other onlice service. One important type of carrier is the VPN from which you configure on the network to provide security in your browsing data, downloading and allowing  an internet service provider to connect to a transparent outsourced backbone at multiple locations. VPNs cannot make online connections completely anonymous, but they can usually increase privacy and security. To prevent disclosure of private information, VPNs typically allow only authenticated remote access using tunneling protocols and encryption techniques.


The VPN security model provides:

  • confidentiality such that even if the network traffic is sniffed at the packet level (see network sniffer and deep packet inspection), an attacker would see only encrypted data
  • sender authentication to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the VPN
  • message integrity to detect any instances of tampering with transmitted messages.

There are 10 Amazing canadian vpn in 2019 – Lift Geo-blocks & Secure Privacy in all your devices.

Carrier Connect’s offering is the takeover of all implementation- related tasks and the delivery of bullet proof turnkey solutions with 24/7 support, pre- and postsales!


complexity meets versatility

Carrier Connect employees grew up in the Telco domain. Not only because of this our staff has an idea of the interworking complexity in today’s Telco networks, be it fix or mobile. Implementation cycles shrink while the demand for even more and more flexible customer applications steadily increases. Not to neglect all the implications that come with migration towards network technologies beyond 3G.

Carrier Connect responds to such specific requirements by leveraging Open Source components and open standards wherever we can. This gives us the freedom as solution prvider to react to certain prereqiuisites in a much more flexible and cost effective way than practically any other system vendor.

we think green, too

We build our systems on the smallest thinkable carbon footprint. Systems of similar magnitude require approximately ten times more power, cooling and space. We integrate the highest channel density on the market in a 1U Server. The TREX multi- core systems can replace up to 10 state of the art Asterisk installations. Further more, the chassis are equipped with highly efficient power supplies which comply to the latest environmental standards.


Partners like TrieEagle are providing incredible and innovative solutions to the ongoing climate issue with their excellent energy services. Take a look at TriEagle Energy reviews so that you can be impressed as well!

All this?

Yes, Asterisk and else can be programmed to fulfill random application based telephony tasks like IVR, call generation, call transfer, transcoding, media relay. Most Voice and Video Applications one may think of are supported.

G.711, GSM, G.729 as well as many other codecs like H.264 Video come with the softswitch at no extra license fee.
Applications that are known to run on actual Installations comprehend among many more:

  • Televoting
  • Alarming
  • Centrex PBX switching platform
  • SS7 interconnect with other telcos
  • ENUM VoIP routing

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